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Does Lightspeed really have any art featuring Terry Farrell you ask?

How does the Cast of Deep Space Nine, and the Women of Star Trek strike you?

Light Spped Fine Art presents the cast of Deep Space Nine -- Click here to go order yours today! Banner 10000007

As you may have noticed previously on this site, rarely if ever do we toss up our opinions.  We like to simply serve as a library of past articles about the show and it's actors.  And we don't do much in the way of affiliations.  ( and were it until today.)  However, we decided it was time to stray from both basic principles.  Why?

We've been dealing with Light Speed Fine Art for years!  These are truly wonderful people who have great art, and who share our love of the entertainment industry.  If you have a chance to see their traveling gallery at a local sci-fi convention do!  You'll immediately see what we mean.  The colors are so vibrant you feel as if you are viewing out of this world images that can not possibly come from artists of this world, and yet they have!

So, we suggest you take a quick moment and at the very least do as their text banner suggests:

 Boldly Go Where SciFi Fans Go for the finest original Science Fiction art!

If nothing else take a moment to sign up for their VIP group, it's free, and the monthly steal of a deal is almost always within the price range!  (See they agree with us:  Original Science Fiction Art for Every Budget from Light Speed Fine Art!)

Okay, that's it on this one for now.  We've got too much of their wonderful stuff headed my way, and just wanted to take a rare moment to give an endorsement and spread the word about a product we like from a company we believe in.  This doesn't mean you'll have the same wonderful experience we have -- or that we are taking responsibility in any way -- it just means they've always done really well by us. ;)

The information on this site has been gathered from all over the web.  The Webmaster does not own the copyright for any of this material nor do we present it as our own, that is why we note at the bottom of each page where it came from.  If you see a page that does not note where it comes from please let us know, we do our best, but we are only human after all.  For more information please contact the webmaster via the feedback button.

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